EXCLUSIVE: +2dB’s ‘Comet’ Remixed Part II

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source: +2dB

Image Bryzoid

You probably had it on repeat – the first half of the +2dB ‘Comet’ remix project saw Stellar Dreams, Fzpz, Pradana, ShyCat, and Adam Kasturi altering the single to fit their respective aesthetics while still keeping to the original’s basic structure (verse, chorus, verse, chorus). Now with Part II, the track has veered towards the atmospheric, as if scored to the parallel universe-centred love and heartache of Sam Esmail’s Comet (2014). Opening with a narrative-driven remix, Shelhiel’s take is a concise tale of two lovers on the verge of separation that cleverly utilises diegetic sounds (in this case, the tale’s car) and only vocal parts that fit his story. Then, Iwaz of Menikmati transports that to another universe with cathartic ambience – perhaps bringing them back to the peak of their relationship when they were emotionally resonant. Reddi Rocket’s collaborative effort with f r s pitch shifts Jeannie’s vocals down over a house-y beat; the line “I’ll do it all over again”, slowed down and afloat the repetitive 4/4 beat, accentuates the ouroboros nature of falling in and out of love. Softsynther Analog K is the odd one out with a dance-y, saccharine synthwave remix – the honeymoon period, mayhap? Finally, OKI of Menikmati returns ‘Comet’ to the initial ambience that inaugurated Part II; beginning sinisterly enough – as breakups are wont to start with animosity – it eventually finds emotional ablution in the atmospheric. Acceptance is a bitch.

Stream the remixes below:

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