EXCLUSIVE: +2dB’s ‘Comet’ Remixed Part I

source: +2dB

Image All is Amazing

Recent single ‘Comet’ was +2dB at their most commercial radio-palatable – the track had hit the airwaves on mainstream stations like Fly Fm and hitz fm, after all. This isn’t in any way a slight of course, not only was the song a refreshing turn for the duo, but we thought its pop leanings make for the perfect remix material. So much so that together with +2dB themselves, JUICE approached a curated list of local and regional producers to take a stab at the doomed, astral love of ‘Comet’.

Featuring Singapore’s wunderkind Fzpz, synthwave virtuosos Stellar Dreams, manic city pop-informed producer Pradana, literary beatmaker Adam Kasturi, and the pseudonymous ShyCat (hint: he’s from the hip hop scene), the first part of ‘Comet’ Remixed sees all five producers bringing their A-game. Stellar Dreams eschew the expected ’80s movie score of their own music and instead opt for a sound that’s closer to today’s zeitgeist, complete with a breathy, pitched shifted down vocal sample; Phyla‘s Fzpz continues in the tradition of bass-y, jazz-influenced future beats emblematic of his debut EP Soul Explorations, but with the added challenge of working with vocals that aren’t samples; Pradana elevates what is ostensibly a lovelorn pop track to something that is nigh-festival friendly; ShyCat’s version lives up to his stage name, a cautious flirtation with the original; and finally, Adam Kasturi’s interpretation takes the logical conclusion to the track’s lyrical content — a remix seemingly soundtracked to a moribund Earth (and romance).

Stream the first half of the remix project below:

The second half of ‘Comet’ Remixed will be out some time next week. More from the girls here.