Evian x Paul Smith

When you’re rich and famous and you profess that you really like something i.e Pepsi, chances are that company is going to give you cans of it by the truckloads. The irony. But if you’re someone like Paul Smith (who has been drinking Evian since he was a wee 12 year old) then you get to redesign the bottle and make it “limited edition”.

Paul Smith is known for his signature multi-coloured stripes and adding them and his signature to the Evian bottle makes it one bottle of water everyone will want to lust after. His trademark stripes represent key values that are close to the young at heart like optimism, dynamism, uniqueness and modernity while the transparency of the bottle represents the purity of Evian – although, Evian is “naive” spelled backwards so how is that pure? You tell me.

“Within the fashion circle, the flamboyant designer is widely known for his eclectic take on traditional British styling in all his collections. As a result of his ‘classic with a twist’ style, Paul Smith is one of the few British designers to combine commercial and critical success. In essence, his designs embody a child-like curiosity and make a colourful statement about being youthful and living life at its fullest.” states Evian.

The Paul Smith x Evian limited edition 2010 bottle is available at all good beverage outlets in Malaysia.