Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

You have ask yourself, if you’re a concerned Malaysian citizen that is, “What the hell is going on these days?” Isn’t our country in such a sh!t state? And we’re not just talking about the recent arson attacks on churches. Unlawful arrests, corruption, fanatics, racists and bigots, Anugerah Industri Muzik, kids under 9 with handphones, Hannah Tan, unemployment, crystal meth addicts, pseudo-electro hipsters and meandering astronauts are all on the rise.

So in view of all of this, last Sunday a bunch of random people decided to spread some love.

Organised by indie filmmaker Chitoo (the happy-looking fella in the photo above), they took to the streets of Bukit Bintang handing out flowers to pedestrians and telling them that, “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Their agenda? Well, there wasn’t one. Unlike other spontaneous pillow fights and flash mobs (sometimes secret marketing gimmicks by conglomerate evils), these guys had no affiliations to NGOs or corporate whores. It was just a random act of weird kindness.

The event started at Bukit Bintang in front of the Maybank intersection and then moved on to Pavillion. By-standers were predictably clueless about this but nonetheless grateful in a typical reserved-Malaysian kind of way. And being curious tropical creatures, they got out their cameras and snapped away.

A police van parked by Pavillion’s entrance tried to stop the activity but fortunately Marina Mahathir was among the provocateurs. She explained to the police what they were doing and of course, immunity was granted.

As of now, the Everything’s Gonna Be Alright facebook page has 315 members. We’d like to see that number grow, so take some time in between your coffee breaks and join ’em. What do you have to lose anyway in this country? Certainly not your pride.

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