everybody hates chris

Your name is Chris Rock, you are 13, you live in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, your mother has 99 ways to stick it to you, your dad is one of four fathers on the block and has two jobs, your little bro is bigger than you, has more luck with the ladies and better clothes, your little sister is the utterly annoying creature on this god given earth, and you’re the only black kid in an all-white junior high school called Corleone. Despite being so wholesome you could watch it with your ma, Everybody Loves Chris is the funniest sitcom on TV right now. Set in the early 80s, and loosely based on Chris Rock’s pubescent years, there’s no swearing and no nudity just The Jeffersons and it features heaps of pop culture references, cool 80s choons, top notch acting and Chris Rock narrating. No doubt pedants will bemoan the factual accuracy – Tears For Fears single ‘Shout’ turns up in 1983, two years before it actually came out – but heck this is a comedy not a historical documentary so unless you want me to put my foot so far up your ass you have toes for teeth, get over it. 9.30pm-10.00pm, every Wednesday on 8TV.