Badger Launch @ Treehouse

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The heavy downpour and scary thunder booms sure as hell did not dampen JUICE‘s spirit as we headed towards Treehouse Bistro & Cafe in Uptown 2 for the Badger Launch party. We thought we might be a tad early at 8pm, and with the way traffic was, people might only start pouring in around 9pm. But we soon realised that we should never underestimate the fashion hungry, especially when it comes to a cult label.

The crowd was definitely what we thought they would be – style conscious, young and definitely influenced by all things hip like music, the arts and extreme sports. There were MCs and DJs, sk8ter bros, girls in tights, girls in skirts and girls in vintage dresses…. You get what we mean – the all-sorts in fashion. Apparently, the whole setup was organised by 15 students from UiTM (MARA Technology University) as part of their Sales And Promotion Management course.

Open for public the next day, we were chuffed to see what Badger has brought in all the way from Bandung, Indonesia. Nice to know that ‘indie fashion’ central isn’t too far away. The fashion show may have displayed most of the Badger goods but the boutique also offers items from Anti-Beauty, a funky women’s label, and Voltra, edgy and emo duds for guys.

Once stomachs were filled, and we got a Badger peek at what will be introduced to the outside world tomorrow, was the part we were waiting for the whole night – the performances. Discord, They Will Kill Us All, Ninja and Yuna sang and catapulted the party to the skies. By 11pm, the crowd thinned and we brought home a goodie bag filed with CDs of home-grown bands and a Badger T-shirt. Nice!

Go have a peek at their burrow located at 18-M, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, KL. Do also check out the party snaps by clicking here.