Everlast Celebrates 100th Anniversary

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I still remember my first fight. It was over stolen Easter Eggs and didn’t last long, fortunately, just until the Pastor stopped my pubescent brawl. You could say I got my a$$ kicked (at least not by a girl) but I like to think I got some good shots in there. From then on it was like Fight Club. I would pick fights with kids bigger than me just for the hell of it. And on very special nights, my dad and I would sit on the couch and watch Mike Tyson beat the crap out of everyone. Those were the times.

Home to the greatest boxing champions, Everlast will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this coming Saturday at Sunway Pyramid. Expect Muay Thai demos, beatboxing, rapping, cheerleaders, a brass band, street dancers and a fashion show. Everlast has just signed a licensing agreement with Muhammad Ali to commemorate the occasion so expect to see lots of Ali memorablia as well. Sting like a bee!

It’s free admission and there’ll be loads of freebies for grabs too. And if that’s not enough, I’ll be waiting for you with my gloves on, boy!

Everlast 100 Years will be punching at Sunway Pyramid Main Entrance from 11am to 10pm on Saturday 9 January 2010. For more info, visit www.everlast.com or 03 5631 6500. To win an Everlast 100 Years tee, click here.

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