Even our lip gloss wants to be a CSI

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Girls, we owe it to ourselves to be aware when we party. Just about anything can happen when you’re drinking, even responsibly, and what better way for predators to get their way than to use our drinks as ammunition, and slipping date rape drugs like GHB and ketamine into our drinks. There is a way to protect yourself.

We at JUICE love to party, but also like to make sure that everyone goes home safe. On a personal note, my drink was spiked before. It ws in a place I least expected, one of those Friday nights, indie clubbing, in a place that felt like home because I knew practically everyone there. I never found out who it was, but I remember a weird sensation before almost passing out. I was lucky I had wonderful, protective friends that were watching over me that night, but you can’t always count yourself lucky.

Thanks to 2 Love My Lips, you can now party hard and party safe at the same time. Each tube of lip plumping goodness comes with a spike detector testing kit. Very CSI, if a drop of your drink turns dark blue on testing then you know that your drink has been spiked with GHB or ketamine.

This nifty little test card can detect date rape drugs in alcoholic drinks like beers, spirits, wine and champagne to non-alcoholic beverages like apple, orange and cranberry juice, Coke, 7Up, Pepsi, Red Bull, tea and even coffee.

2 Love My Lips comes in 3 luscious shades or clear gloss and is available in UK for £10, but rest assured, this product will be available to the rest of the world very soon. I’m getting myself one, that’s fo sho.

Keep yourselves safe and posted by checking out www.2lovemylips.co.uk.

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