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You know how they say it’s who you know. So no more harping on loudly at the local mamak about how bloody brilliant your ideas are, then doing f-all about em. Creative United Movement (CUM) is a call out to Malaysian creative entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to hook up with their counterparts in Europe, more specifically Holland.  Creative entrepreneur, Remko De Jong will be there. Based in Amsterdam, he’s helped turn rice bags into designer merchandise, launched a mobile art gallery and now he wants to link you up with like-minded individuals across the pond and help you make that genius plan come together.

In an e-mail to JUICE, CUM co-organiser Sharon Dhillon had this to say: “It’s long been a dream of mine and Remko to merge the creative minds, talents and energies between the east and west. I have seen and met an amazing amount of creatively talented and passionate people in Malaysia over the past few years and I would love to find a way to let these people shine and merge the skills of the east and west and create fabulous products and help make dreams come true. Remko and I have been working together for 8 years on many different projects in Europe and a few in Asia … if you have an idea, thought, a dream or know someone who deserves recognition in the creative industry please bring them along.”

For those who hit up Recharge Revelation 5 back in late-2007, Remko and Sharon were responsible for bringing down Dutch art duo Dropwire. Dropwire provided the stunning street art murals at the venue.

Meet, discuss, intellectually spar, pitch ideas and realise projects and network with Europe. It happens 8.30pm, Tuesday 21 April at Palate Palette. More on Remko and CUM activities at

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