Euphoria’s 2nd Anniversary @ Euphoria

Argh! What is that thing? Looks like an ancient Chinese vampire with a cellphone… Such was the scene at Euphoria’s 2nd anniversary party. Creepy and weird.

The ghouls were lining up all the way outside (they behaved pretty decent for the undead) that night. Without much hesitation, I went in dressed as our fearless leader PM Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak… Respect!

MOS – Euphoria went all out to ensure that their 2nd anniversary, that coincided with Halloween, was a blast. The props and spooky entertainers were marvelous and of Hollywood standard. It was hard to tell if I was in a movie or just another Monday at work.

One good thing was the instant face painting and make-up area. As most Malaysians are shy to dress up, this helped a number of clubbers join in the mood. There was also a best costume contest (with cash prize of RM15k!). Big love to the guy who came dressed as Norman Bates’ mom from Psycho (complete with shower curtain and granny underwear).

Though Halloween’s a strange time to have your anniversary, I reckon MOS – Euphoria overdid themselves and left their fans happy. Dead or alive.

Ministry of Sound – Euphoria’s 2nd Anniversary went down to the abyss on Saturday 30 October 2010. For a grizzly and sexy sight, head over to our gallery.