Euphoria pres. Deadmau5 @ Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon

Purveyor of good times hailing from Canada, DJ-producer Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 set his foot in Malaysia for the first time and belted out his mind-boggling set in an immense theatrical LED presentation last Saturday. In the sea of 8,000 party revellers, we spotted fans wearing deadmau5 logo printed tees, mau5 ears, headbands, tattoos and hardcore mau5 fans with their custom-made mau5heads! If you were not there, read our review after the jump (and weep)!

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It was only 7pm and everyone had already started partying to Euphoria resident DJs le and Patrick Oliver who fed the party animals with hot tunes meshing house and electro before guest act Australian house whiz TV Rock took over the decks. Dropping mad choons including Congorock’s ‘Babylon’ and Dirty South’s rework of ‘Coming Home’, TV Rock smashed the crowd real good.

The real mayhem began when the beats faded out and a white ghost (obviously it was Zimmerman in white cloth) stood behind the huge LED cube. A visual of a deadmau5-Super Mario was displayed on the cube when the first tune was dropped but as soon as the introduction of ‘Some Chords’ came on, fans jolted to make their way to the front to get a clearer view of the iconic headgear, the mau5head. We were also thrilled that our JUICE logo was flashed in front of the massive crowd via 2 huge screens on the sides of the stage earlier on. Just to let you guys know… We’re watching you!

Pulling the crowd into rage, the goers couldn’t stop punching the air to deadmau5’s high adrenaline music which was a blend of his new and classic favourites such as ‘The Reward Is Cheese’, ‘Bad Selection’, ‘Ghosts & Stuff’ and ‘Cthulhu Sleeps’. The illuminated LED visuals and blinding lights gave a whole new party atmosphere that had never been experience before!

The whole man-made beach transformed into a mega-karaoke where fans screamed the lyrics for the melodic dubstep tune ‘Raise Your Weapen’ out loud. After that, Sofi came out and rocked the stage for ‘Sofi Needs A Ladder’ and ‘One Trick Pony’. This is what she has said on Twitter (@poptartsofi), “Kuala Lumpur, I could hear you loud and clear, singing along to every lyric, dancing your butts off and screaming my name… I’m overwhelmed and happy.” Respect that!

Deadmau5 teased the crowd with a short pause when the Blue Screen of Death appeared before he morphed the crowd into his serene yet haunting sounds including his collaboration track with Kaskade entitled ‘I Remember’ and ‘Strobe’ which gave us the cue that he was about to end his set very soon. He did not leave his fans hanging after he stopped. He introduced an unreleased track called ‘Aural Psynapse’ followed by ‘Animal Rights’ that served as the encore to conclude the night.

As quoted from deadmau5’s crew, the KL gig was “the best production of the tour”. Without any doubt, the concert-slash-party was mental! Though his set was quite predictable, the chance to experience his music live with incredible visuals was beyond awesome! Maybe some people were expecting a longer set but that’s his usual set duration even when performing in other parts of the world. The show was so good that we felt sorry for those who were not able to attend. Deadmau5 is the truth, the word and the gospel! And if you didn’t hear him, well, you don’t need us to get all Biblical on you now, do you?

Here’s a glimpse of what went down that night (credits to stuee95)


Deadmau5 came and conquered Sunway Lagoon on Saturday 7 May 2011. Relive the night again at our gallery.