Estranged Goes To Taiwan And Gets Pimped By Perodua

Just a few days ago JUICE announced that Flop Poppy would be touring Down Under and now, local modern rock outfit Estranged will be making waves at the Ho Hai Yan Rock Festival, one of the biggest rock festival in Taiwan.

Hot off their recently launched single ‘Ketika Ini’, the boys will be sharing the stage with international acts such as Electrico (Singapore), Vhs Or Beta (USA) who recently performed here for Heineken Green Room, Amit and Stanley Huang (Taiwan), Fumido (Japan), Soler (Macau), and Clazziquai Project (Korea) at the 3-day festival in the rogue Chinese state. And if that’s not enough to bring the bacon back home then they’ve also got a slot at this year’s Baybeats in Singapore.

With momentum going strong for Estranged, even Perodua has decided to cash in on the act, providing the band with 4 units of MYVI SE as their official tour vehicles. Currently, the band will be using their new rides (which they will be keeping until next year) for their Radio Rosak Tour around Malaysia.

According to Puan Sulasi Hj Mahadi, Manager of A&P, Marketing Division of Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd, “Estranged is our choice of independent band as it consists 4 talented and disciplined individuals, with loads of energy and dynamism in them. Hopefully, Perodua will be able to capture Estranged’s followers, hence, interest them towards driving our cars”.

Some bands have all the luck! Mini Cooper, howzaboutit?