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source: Epicuro

Can’t Say No to Comfort Food
Tucked away in a corner of the bustling Damansara Uptown is a pork lover’s dream wrapped up in a contemporary interior of yellow, black, and wood tones.  Epicuro sure lives up to its name coined after the famous hedonism-advocating Athenian philosopher Epicurus, serving up comfort food and guilty pleasures of the highest quality that are sure-fire foodie magnets;  Epicuro is for anyone who’s into modern classic western grub with a twist.

The café sports a layout (designed by one of its very owners!) that is a modern earthy mix of metal chairs, dark walls adorned with comic book style chalk illustrations, and injections of yellow, creating a cheery, upbeat atmosphere.  With an ambience that balances on the tip of casual and chic, the restaurant provides a laid back haven for the brunch-er that values comfort.  It’s a design style that mirrors the cuisine served at the restaurant – homely and classy.

Dishes are tied together with quality ingredients, experimental flare, and sharp precision – after all, the owner Yugin is an ex-engineer who decided to act on his culinary ambitions. Popular items such as the lamb shank act as a good example of what happens when a fiery passion for cooking fuses with the measured execution of someone who studied a science textbook.  Yugin incorporates the Maillard reaction technique when making the bed of luscious cauliflower puree resting under the highly demanded lamb meat – we have no idea what a Maillard reaction technique is, but goddammit, that’s some good cauliflower.  The lamb shank doesn’t disappoint either, with its succulent meat, light tomato-y flavour and aromatic herbs topped with slices of carrot.

A truckload of dishes on the menu also feature our all-time favourite sin food, bacon. Lots of it.  Everyone loves bacon and Yugin knows it, sprinkling generous helpings over his creations as if to knight them in the books of culinary excellence with a delicious porcine sword. You could be digging into a plate of pasta and find bacon bits weaved between the noodle strands, heck you could even be eating a house salad and find – you guessed it – bacon.  Speaking of pork, Epicuro’s pulled pork sandwich is the star of the menu, boasting scrumptious pulled pork cooked just right and swathed in a caramelised BBQ sauce, and wrapped in a blanket of coleslaw and warm bread.  Yugin sure does love his pork – not that anyone’s complaining, especially with Epicuro landing a spot on The Yum List‘s best porky places to dine at.  Those with a sweet tooth aren’t left out as they can choose between creamy alcohol-soaked tiramisu and warm moist walnut brownies complemented with homemade dulce de leche ice cream – or just have both.  To put it simply, diabetes never tasted this good.

Epicuro is definitely a name to add to your list of food adventures as it is a fairly reasonably priced restaurant (assuming you’re a middleclasser) that will treat your palate without burning a hole in your wallet.  It’s also notable that Epicuro was spurned out of passion and a genuine love of food, which really makes it stand out in a crowd of restaurants that are only in it to churn out profit.

20 JALAN SS 21/35
T: 03 7733 3110


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