Epaulet x Styleforum Shell Cordovan Tennis Trainer Deposit


What are your thoughts on wearing horse ass? That’s right, horse ass. We don’t know either, but from the looks of it, it should be pretty cool. Epaulet and Styleforum collaborated to drop these pretty luxe looking tennis trainers in five prestigious shades of genuine shell cordovan. According to their site, the shoe’s “beautiful equine leather comes from the rump of a horse and displays a uniquely lustrous finish, which wears beautifully and gains an incredible patina with wear.” This is fancy talk that basically translates to “we made this shoe out of horse ass and your flex game will be through the roof if you rock this.” Sounds like it’s going to be very expensive, right? Well, it is, and here’s another manoeuvre to justify the price tag: The shell cordovan of the shoes hails from the Shinki Hikaku tannery of Japan and has been vegetable tanned for months. Thereafter, it’s sent to a tannery in Italy for dying and finishing, resulting in a deeply rich and glossy finish. That’s right, even before hitting the shelves, these shoes have already travelled farther than you have in your entire lifetime.

Pre-order these babies now for next year’s delivery via the website here.