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14 & 16, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur.
T: 03 2142 7381

Indulge in a sinful experience
If you’ve seen the movie Seven, then you’re no stranger to the 7 deadly sins. Pride, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth and envy are said to be the biggest cardinal vices that would bring the downfall of men. And if you’re guilty of the last one then read on; JUICE might have found just the spot you can indulge your wicked ways in the meantime, on the way down.

If you frequent Changkat Bukit Ceylon then you might have heard of the latest club buzz there called Envie (French for envy) just resting next to the French restaurant Le Bouchon. In fact the owners felt that, the interior should be given a vintage, Parisian-chic touch to complete the fantasy and JUICE has to admit, they’ve done so sexily. The 2-floor club with al fresco courtyard upstairs comes complete with a bar and a view of KL Tower while downstairs, the club presents seductive décor with mirrors and damask wallpaper design. There is a VIP area that highlights a waterfall, designer couches and fresh flowers are brought in every week. And since the VIP area is right next to the DJ booth, guest get to loom over and take a peek too.

Clientele: Families and young expats that have made the club their new haunt finds Envie a great place to chill, have din dins or romantic drinks on the sofas.

Drinks: Envie has 7 signature cocktails, each one representing a deadly sin. Gluttony is orange, Pride is violet, Lust is blue, Anger is red, Greed is yellow, Sloth is light blue and Envy is green – obviously.

Eats: If you’re not one for experimenting weird coloured cocktails, then at least try the food – the menu boasts hamburgers, pastas and pies.

Music policy: The 3 owners of Envie have put in a bit of their own personality by handpicking the furnishing, but the main attraction is the first ever LED interactive dance floor in Asia. With different applications, the dance floor lights up in a burst of colours by tracing your footsteps. It can even be programmed to flash words. Wicked! So ladies, every Sexual Seduction on Friday nights, go crazy and drop it like it’s hot as DJ Nikki (JUICE DJ quest 07 winner) and Reckha Lecka spins a mixture of house, r ‘n’ b and progressive trance and the floor illuminates your moves.

Open: 7 days a week, from 5pm-1am on weekdays and 5pm-3am on weekends. Do we hear glasses going ching ching?

Door policy: No cover, so save your cash for the drinks – the savvy-looking bouncers by the door are there to keep the peace not your money.

Happy hour: 5pm-9pm daily and on weekends, all night long.

Dress code: Although you can walk in dressed casually, we advise that you leave the flip flops at home.

Parking: Do the whole Nouveau riche thing leaving your automobile with the valet in front of Havana (which is just across from Envie), or if you’re planning to drink, then there are ample of cabbies available (just be warned; they might overcharge especially past midnight).

Images Kevin Yeoh + Envie Clublounge

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