entourage party of the damned!

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HBO Asia just had an all-out launch party for its latest golden goose series, the Hollywood insider-driven, Ferarri-driving, cameo-filled siliconefest Entourage, starring Adrian Grenier, Kevin Conolly and Jeremy Piven. Partygoers who attended got to gawk at the local female version of the Entourage team: entertainment personalities Serena C, Hannah Tan, Amber Chia, Jojo Struys and Daphne Iking. (I sort of thought that lineup would’ve worked better for a Sex and the City party, but… whatever. I guess Mawi, Rosyam Nor, Hans Isaac, Vince and uh, Apek from Senario were busy.)

But that’s not what I want to talk about. The Entourage party had Entourage Ambassadors milling around handing out freebies and promos to guests, and I have to say, they were a sight to behold. Take a look:

Yes. Those are bright blonde wigs. And those aren’t static images on their T-shirts, either. These Ambassadors were called Walking TVs for a reason. Yes. They are wearing television screens. I have an issue with this, I really do. Here’s why:

psycho kids from Village of the Damned

I rest my case.