Emmy The Great: Virtue (Close Harbour)

After the release of their well-received debut First Love, the band’s singer-songwriter frontwoman Emma-Lee Moss’ engagement fell apart due to her fiancé answering the call of God. Consequently, the follow up album, titled Virtue, is a huge departure with a slightly bigger sound, darker lyrics, and more grown-up subject matter.

Her restrained and sweet vocals blended melodiously with psychedelic synths on ‘Dinosaur Sex’ while ‘Trellick Tower’ is a heartbreakingly sweet piano driven ballad where Emma sings about being jilted by her ex-fiance. Virtue may not be the perfect representation of Emmy The Great’s talent, but this is a great listen for fans of beautiful lyrics and carefully scored melodies.

LISTEN TO: ‘Dinosaur Sex’, ‘Trellick Tower’
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