Emmy The Great: Lonely Deity

Emmy The Great released her new album Virtue last year. There was one track she wrote but decided not to include it at the time but has recently decided “why not?”. It’s titled ‘God of Loneliness’ (if you’re one to be forevaaa aloneee, save yourself) and if you listen to Emmy The Great, you’d know how rare it is for her songs to have music videos, but you’re in luck this time ’round. Chris Boyle directed a short film starrring Isy Sutti and Shazad Latif for the ‘God of Loneliness’ track. Emmy described it as a ‘horror rom-com’. You don’t see many horror romantic comedies which makes this new and we hope not something cliche. A number of tracks from the recent album, including ‘God of Loneliness’, were inspired by Emma’s personal experience. That’s what makes songs more relatable to fans, right? Personal touch.

Stay tune for the video’s release, in the mean time watch a live rendition of the track below. For more on Emmy, click here.