VIDEO: Emir Hermono Isn’t in the Video for ‘021’ But That’s Okay, #DreamBae Alda Sianipar Is

The second video off Emir Hermono’s forthcoming 3AM in Jakarta album, ‘021 (feat. A. Nayaka & Rayi Putra)’, sees an absent of the Indonesian producer (honorary Malaysian to us), but that’s cool, LA-based Alda Sianipar is in it. Basked in the morning sunlight in all her glory to boot.

While we’re big fans of the album’s titular single, its video left something to be desired. Fortunately, ‘021’ is definitely the music video Emir’s music deserves; higher production quality, incredible time lapse drone footage of traffic, and goddamn, that Emir Hermono Indo-street hawker banner is aesthetically on point. Makes one hanker for an Emir Hermono-branded pecel lele – make that your next merchandise, bru.

Watch it below:

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