Eminem’s ‘Stan’ is now officially a word in the Oxford Dictionary

The self-proclaimed Rap God has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. We’re not sure if this is a modern stigmata to show Eminem’s omnipresence but the word ‘Stan’ has been thrown around by millennials before this to describe their fan obsession with a particular person-of-interest (usually a celebrity).

Oxford English Dictionary added the word recently, well, just 17 years after the song came out (anyone remember Dido’s ‘Thank You’ or Devon Sawa from Idle Hands, SLC Punk! and Final Destination?). The dictionary got its origins down too as “Early 21st century: probably with allusion to the 2000 song ‘Stan’ by the American rapper Eminem, about an obsessed fan.” Spot on there, OED.


Slim Shady’s ‘Stan’ joins previous hip hop lingo that has entered the Oxford English Dictionary such as Kanye West’s “cray,” Drake’s “YOLO” and Beyonce’s ‘Bootylicious’.

Now relive the nostalgia of ‘Stan’ (from The Marshall Mathers LP) and soak in the terror and that freaking catchy chorus (which is actually the verse in Dido’s ‘Thank You’):

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