Eminem: Relapse (Interscope)

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Eminem is fresh off a 4-year hiatus, a sabbatical that has included an acute drug addiction and the loss of his best friend and mentor Proof. The Detroit native has seen more highs and lows in the last 15 years than the United States economy, but now he returns with his 5th album Relapse. The ominous piano on ‘3am’ is the perfect reintroduction to Slim Shady’s twisted world. Five minutes of breathtaking word play and imagery so graphic it could make Stephen King blush, should placate any doubts as to whether or not Eminem still ‘has it.’ Though the album feels unbalanced at times, Em’s doing what he does best: cleaning out his closet. And there’s more psychotic sh!t piled up in there than ever. With Relapse, Eminem reminds listeners what captivated them about him 10 years ago and what held their attention for the subsequent 6 years. The trademark dark humour vibe is fresh yet nostalgic— the ideal arrangement for a successful comeback. Em’s new album is a potent product; it’s time we all relapse into.