Elmo Gone Green

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Elmo is green? Yes, apparently this Sesame Street frontrunner turns green for his new DVD, Being Green. Paul Rudd is a guest on this 47-minute show as Mr. Earth in a hilariously large costume. In this DVD, Elmo and ditzy fairy Abby Cadabby helps Mr. Earth host Sesame Street‘s first Earth-a-Thon and they learn how “it can be easy being green” by recycling, re-using, and conserving water and energy. This is when Abby turned the red Elmo to the colour green so he can be more ‘green’, but doesn’t remember how to change him back. Ooh, the horror! But like all things Sesame Street, Elmo is eventually returned to his normal red. In the meantime, Mr. Earth is helped by Elmo, Cookie Monster, Rosita and Telly to do more ‘green’ things.

Sesame Street: Being Green is an effort to celebrate the Earth and Paul Rudd’s part in the Earth costume definitely challenged the actor to be a goofball. He actually carries the show more than Elmo, who was learning to live with the fact that he is stuck being green. *gasp!* Of course, in true Sesame Street style, they sang songs about saving water when they brush their teeth, and saving energy when they shut off the lights, sending home the message that little kids can make a difference too.

Being Green is either going to be a great source of education for parents or it will mess with their kid’s head. “Mummy, why is Elmo green?”

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