Electronic Music Night at Live Venue No Black Tie

Jalan Mesui’s mainstay No Black Tie has always had an eclectic taste towards music, having hosted experimental and punk gigs and a whole range of left-field genre performances since 1998. Though the music venue’s vibe and performance-calendar has their own distinctive jazz-flavour, they’re shaking things up again with an Electronic Music Night, (probably not the first, but the first to be billed thus way). Featuring Goh Lee Kwang, Ronnie Khoo, Dae Kim, and Jocelyn Stemilyn, the event starts at 9pm this Sunday. Capacity is limited, though you don’t have to worry about getting a good spot to park your butt as the venue has excellent acoustics and seats-arrangement in its two floors.

Here’s a taste of what Jocelyn Stemilyn has to offer:

Book your tickets here or call 03 2149 3737 (after 5pm) / email [email protected]m.my.