Electric Eel Shock


Electric Eel Shock is a 3-piece Japanese funcore garage metal band that formed in the late 90s. In their early days, after the release of their 1st album Maybe I Think We Can Beat Nirvana, the band migrated to the US and then to Europe, surviving on gigs and CD and t-shirt sales. They’ve since toured with The Bloodhound Gang and played at festivals such as SXSW and CMJ.

With a drummer that plays with 4 drumsticks and no clothes (except for a sock over his 5th drumstick), EES has been cited by critics as one of the best bands to hear live in concert. A rockumentary about the band called Sex, Drugs and Email filmed in Berlin, Dortmund, Scarborough and Amsterdam will be out soon, but for now, here’s EES kickin’ out the jams with their underground hit that refers to the age-old child-out-of-wedlock taboo. We’re not saying anything but that you should cop a listen.