Ed Dix & Slutski’s B2B Dictatorship Promo Mix is 2 Hours’ Worth of Dancefloor Eclecticism

With the fourth iteration of monthly night Dictatorship (Friday 25 August) set to feature its first international guest in techno-centric Marcus L, the head of Faust and Ameniia hailing all the way from Seoul, the night’s resident DJs, Ed Dix and Slutski, have decided to drop an epic mix ahead of the show.

This two-hour-long B2B effort between the two DJs sees them showing the kind of dancefloor eclecticism that have become synonymous with their respective names; its selections go from regional techno in Shawn Lai (Soulmatters Recordings, SG) to the jazz-funk of London duo Yussef Kamaal. And in the midst of those disparate elements are other underrated names in dance and electronic music such as Radio Slave, Zombies in Miami, Baba Stiltz, The Mole, and Tuff City Kids, just to name a few. Slutski and Ed Dix aren’t giving us track IDs though, they want the mystery intact, encouraging listeners to “dive in and get weird” with them without making it obvious.

Listen to this as a post-club comedown, or as something to get down to on the dancefloor, or while watching the sunrise during a Sunday morning, it all works fine according to them:

Dictatorship: Fourth Estate will go down at Elysium on Friday 25 August, follow its event page here.

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