Eco Smart Fire


Hari Raya is just around the corner and Deepavali follows soon after. Time to say hello to this new outdoor range of fire burners. In 4 designs they are 100% eco-friendly, running on denatured ethanol which is renewable and not as polluting as kerosene.

Cyl is a cylindrical shaped ‘tea light’ inspired fire burner that has a round stainless steel base and tough glass panels to allow the flames to lift and burn a brilliant light. The Tower is a portable creation inspired by ‘Padella Romana’, a light feature used by wealthy families during the Roman Empire to symbolise status. Standing at 1.4 metres high, it is constructed for dramatic effect.

The Mini T is ideal for garden use. 4 glass panels contain the flame and the base comes in a choice of brushed stainless steel and white powder coated steel. Last but not least is the Lantern, an ornate brass coloured number.

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