Eclectic Botz Monster

Jonvu have been creating a frenzy in the KL clubs after 2008’s JUICE DJ Quest. He started an electro movement called Eclectic Botz and have performed at several big events, including JUICE‘s 7th Anniversary last year at Euphoria. Jonvu have recently decided to recreat a new icon character designed by renowned artist Michael Chuah for the new year. Dope.

Jonvu has been sending us drafts towards the whole journey of the icon design and we’re delighted to see the result. Michael Chuah have also worked on Eclectic Botz’ first icon illustration so technically he’s been with them since day one. According to Jonvu, the Eclectic Botz icon has a liking for fashion as well, hence the sneaker, jacket and well, robotic things. Jonvu explains, “The character is inspired by Daft Punk signature helmet. The idea is that the helmet has led waves, so when it speaks the waves move ala Knight Rider-style. And this character comes with a surfing board! The awesome part of this board is that it transforms into a DJ deck, so when it is not spinning, the character will be on the board traveling around.” Sounds spacey indeed.

Please don’t do the robot dance.

Look for ‘Eclectic Botz’ on Facebook and check out the designer Michael Chuah at Eclectic Botz is taking us to Maison for a Blow Up night on Friday 5 March 2010 with Foulworks, Jony and Stormtroopers on the decks. Entry RM35 + one drink. Get with Maison at