Eat More Fruit

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Tonight sees the launch of Lapsap’s new CD. Durian & Mangosteen is the DJ pair’s first double disc.  Described by 5ft and Mr Puah as “loud, bold, sour, rolling, dark, local, exotic, sharp” JUICE can’t reveal the tracklist as we haven’t seen it, or the album cover which we will reveal on Monday, but we can reveal the button badges they have produced for the release. Blink aka 5ft talks about how the album came to er, fruition, after the jump.

Revealing the pair’s motives behind the release in an e-mail interview yesterday (Friday 17 April), Blink had this to say: “A lot of people have been asking for it … during one of the brainstorming sessions a tight concept came out, so we thought this would be the right time to do it. It’s also to promote ourselves at the upcoming gigs.”

The tracklisting remains a secret. Blink would only reveal, “It has been an ongoing thing really, picking the songs we want to be on the cd, not really focusing on a dancefloor mindset, but yet something groovy enough to get your heads bobbing. I think it will be a great roadtrip CD.” Being fans of CSI, JUICE followed the trail of evidence of course and if the title is anything to go by, we’re guessing that both CDs are gonna have vastly different, em, flavours. Clever, we know.

The album will be released to fans at tonight’s Barsonic gig where Lapsap will drop a celebratory 4 hour set. Two badges (shown here) at RM33 gets you the 2CD effort for free. Bargain! And apart from selling it here in Malaysia, Lapsap will be selling it wherever they land, notably the Bangkok Belvedere party and “our 1st Jakarta gig with the Turn On Plastic crew and on the Europe tour, which consists of London, Belgium and Germany.”

JUICE does in fact have the cover art too, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy. “No one has seen it,” Blink insists. “We’re not posting it on Facebook, want the peeps to see it tomorrow, as we leaked out the sticker label and the button badges already. ” Blink has however let us reveal the cover art on Monday so tune back in then. Or get yourself a copy tonight.

Lapsap launch their Fruity double CD tonight Saturday 18 April at 10.30pm at Barsonic. Covers are RM20 ladies, and RM30 men, and it inc. 1 drink. For info, e-mail [email protected] or click to the JUICE event page here.