Eat Cake, Today!

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It’s about time we had a food delivery service that caters specifically to cakes. Eat Cake Today (ECT) began its business in September this year after observing the office culture of celebrating a colleague’s birthday. Bosses usually plan on surprising their employees on their birthday with a cake and the ‘Happy Birthday’ song sung by the entire office. It is often embarrassing for the birthday girl/boy but they accept it because that means free cake after.

The ECT team considered the tedious tasks of not being able to buy an entire cake from cafés without an advance order. This meant forcing people to buy generic cakes from places that people don’t even eat cake at anymore — hello Secret Recipe! Unless you genuinely enjoy the cheesecake there, then please continue. Meanwhile, ECT took this as an opportunity to connect bakers to busy executives, cake lovers, and dinner party hosts aka moms who want to order their cake and eat it in under four hours. Yes, they deliver that quickly.

Their cakes range from simple ones like Red Velvet and Hazelnut Nutella to novelty options such as the Confetti and Emas cakes. ECT is also sourcing for gluten/egg/dairy-free cakes for healthier options (but why?) and to cater to those who are allergic to said ingredients. Since Christmas is just around the corner, ECT has curated a Christmas special menu on its website featuring cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and a Christmas pack (fruitcake, shortbread, and a gingerbread tree) for those hosting open houses or you folks who are attending some but don’t want to show up empty handed. Good news, the cake delivery company has given JUICE an exclusive promo code for our readers, which can be found at the end of this post!

But first, look at the cakes:



Raspberry Macarons

More below:

Eat Cake Today’s price ranges from RM70 to RM200. Buy some of its cakes here and use the promo code ECTFORJUICEREADERS to take RM10 off of your order!

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