EasyBusy is Reigniting the Malaysian Singer-Songwriter Scene

Based in Penang, EasyBusy is a video and audio production house aiming to provide a platform where artistes can share their music with a wider audience. The group’s YouTube channel, EasyBusyTV, documents live performances, in-depth interviews, and other behind-the-scenes footage of the creative process involving local artistes and their work.

Their latest project features live performances from Azmyl Yunor, one of the country’s main players in the indie folk and rock scene for the past decade.

Azmyl Yunor’s intimate, stripped down performances offer just a taste of what EasyBusy‘s catalogue has to offer. The group has also hosted performances by alt blues musician Brendan de Cruz and fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad to name a few.

Time to add EasyBusyTV to your YouTube subscription box. While you’re at it, follow Azmyl Yunor, Brendan De Cruz, and Az Samad on their social media pages for more good music closer to home.