‘Dukun’ Arrested in Thailand for Stabbing Her Lover

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source: pixabay

In what appears to be a case of a real life dukun, Thai police have arrested a woman in the province of Sing Buri, north of Bangkok, for allegedly fatally stabbing her younger lover in the back in what she claimed was a test of his mystic power and done at his request. Shades of Mona Fandey right here.

As reported by Asia News Network, Somkid Changsalak, 41, was arrested at her house in Moo 8 village in Tambon Ban Mor, Prom Buri district, soon after the death of Saneh Wongdee, 38.

Somkid claimed that Saneh wanted her to test his mystic power, which he reportedly claimed had made his skin cut-proof. She said she used a 25-cm-long knife and stabbed him once on the back but it proved fatal.

Police, however, did not believe her account and charged her with murder.

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