Local Woman Shocked & Worried For Daughter’s Mental Health Upon Discovering Unsettling Doodles

Yesterday, a Malaysian woman named Herdiana expressed her shock when she found eerie drawings in her daughter’s notebook, which also stirred concern and mixed reactions from netizens online.

Through a now-viral video she published onto her TikTok page, she revealed some of the drawings and explained that it simply wasn’t like her daughter to doodle such strange depictions, adding that her recent behaviour has become a cause for concern as well.

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Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

The portraits were indeed concerning, mostly forms of scribble art portraying individuals in distress. Some of the drawings also featured nooses, the words “Too loud, too much, enough!”, a large figure comforting a crying child and another holding the two pieces of a broken heart in its hands.

Herdiana stated that her daughter had never been particularly artistic. She also mentioned that lately, she prefers to be alone and sleeps in the living room.

“I was surprised to see these things in my daughter’s notebook. What kind of pressure could she be facing? She is not even good at drawing, she’s mediocre at best. And of late, she likes to be alone and sleep in the living room. (Based on the background) one of the drawings is clearly set in our home.”

Though she did not confirm which of the sketches she was referring to, netizens speculate that it may be the one of a figure standing in a doorway with mosaic tiles trailing the surrounding walls.

“When I ‘slow talk’ with her, she just smiles and laughs. We always fight too. But it’s normal for children and mothers to quarrel, so I can only ask everyone to pray for the best,” she added.

Following that, in the comments section, a handful of netizens voiced their belief that the girl may be suffering from depression and only through drawing can she express what she is experiencing at a certain moment.

On the other hand, some wrote that her daughter may be facing a more supernatural kind of disturbance, saying there may be ‘something’ that is accompanying her when she is alone.

All in all, netizens urged Herdiana to seek psychological treatment for her child immediately before something untoward happens.