DOWNLOAD THIS: Free Deserters’ Third and Final Record – Crowd Control

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source: Free Deserters

After shaking up stages from London to Amsterdam and releasing an EP and a self-titled mini album, our favourite Malaysian born and bred indie rock band Free Deserters return for one final hurrah before parting ways as a band — and their new materials are completely free for download! Third and final album Crowd Control features a slew of tracks that embody their devil-may-care rocker image with gruff vocals swathed in gravelly drum and guitar notes that fit as perfectly as a well-worn leather jacket. Think vintage Slash with raw elements of ambient noise and psychedelic. The perfect soundtrack for days when you’re cruising down the highway wanting to feel a little more like a rebel and a little less like a slave to the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job. The album is said to be the band at their “most collaborative and experimental” to date, a claim you can verify yourself by downloading the album now via Google Drive here.

Check out ‘Galaxy’ off the record below:

More information about Free Deserters and their new album on their official Facebook page.

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