Doves: Kingdom Of Rust (Heavenly/Astralwerks)

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Prior to forming Doves, the trio of Jimi Goodwin (bass/vocals) and twin brothers Andy Williams (drums) and Jez Williams (guitar) were in a dance act called Sub Sub. When their studio in Manchester burned down along with their tracks, the trio reformed as Doves and changed their musical direction. The result might not have been instant, but their 4th album proves that their decision to rock it up was a wise one.

Kingdom Of Rust could not have come at a better time (their last album came out in 2005). With Coldplay fizzling out and a host of in-today out-tomorrow bands piling up, this album is a refreshing take on dramatic rock. And with their dance credentials, the band rounds up their prog rock in a way that’s palatable to the general public. From the New Order-ish opener ‘Jetstream’ to the garage psych of ‘House Of Mirrors’ to the heartbreaking, country-flavoured title track, Doves have got all their grounds covered creating a driving and beautiful album that will get you soaring.

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