Doshy @ Laundry Bar

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Heading out this holiday Monday, we found ourselves at Laundry Bar to catch German post dubstep producer/DJ, Doshy. If you were wondering if KL can rock out to dubstep (or err, post dubstep?) on a weekday – to quote one successful presidential candidate: yes, yes we can!

The night started out with Cee spinning some dupstep dirtier than my browser history. While Cee was enthusiastic and bubbly, the crowd was a bit shy, so he tried out a lot of different sounds to get the crowd going.

Doshy then took the decks spinning post dubstep, which is basically dubstep with glitches and beeps in all the right places. He played a lot of his own productions with loops and samples thrown in. It was really good, but the crowd was quite shy, grooving but staying firmly off the dancefloor. Doshy wasn’t having that, turning down the music a few times to encourage people the dancefloor. And it worked! People soon flocked and started throwing down.

Next up was Tubby from BudCulture, spinning vinyl with great skill and ease. A crowd favorite, he pulled out one of our favorite sets from him. All in all, we’re pretty stoked that events like these are picking up. Even if dubstep isn’t your cup of tea, it’s nice to see some diversification in the music scene. Mad props out to Laundry Bar for bringing in Doshy and here’s to more exciting events in the future.

Doshy @ Laundry Bar was held on 6 December. Check out the sextacular snaps from the night here. More on Doshy at his myspace!

Image: Roy Ajong