Dooodolls: Meet Gweeen!

It all began at Dooo High School, a place where Dooodolls trained to reach their maximum powers and the good guys fought evil and won… or so the story goes. These quirky and loveable characters have popped up all over the place and have even branched out to stationary and electric products. With more than 30 different characters to choose from, each boasts a cool name and an even cooler personality.

Derren Chen’s passion quickly launched into business and now they even have new ceramic cups and cute Dooodoll pouches. Don’t forget to look out for ‘Gweeen’ who’s also joining the crew, a smooth talking chap who enjoys running around trees and catching insects. Gweeen can charm anyone and is able to change colour to match anything! We know you want your own, in fact we bet you already have one.

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