#DontBeSelfish, Get Your Men Gifts at FashionValet this Valentine’s Day

earphones LPnocta

There’s a lot of pressure for guys to step up their gifting game on Valentine’s Day. From dinner reservations to flower arrangements to gift sets, it’s mostly targeted to women, which is unfair because men should be showered with just as much materialistic love on this day as women. Equality, amirite? For the past three years, FashionValet (FV) has championed its own #DontBeSelfish campaign whereby it curates items that men would really enjoy — unsurprisingly, flowers and chocolates are not as appealing to men as they are to women. Instead, the e-commerce company asked its customers, or rather, its customers’ significant others what they’d like to be given — a majority of the answers revolved around technology; hover boards, game consoles, headphones. But of course there are retail favourites too, like wallets and watches. So, for 2016, FV decided to stock each item that was listed. That’s right, FashionValet now has shopping options for PS4s, Nintendos, PS Vitas, hoverboards, and so much more for the next two weeks. FV didn’t just stop there, it’s also taken the liberty of installing PlayStations in the changing rooms at its flagship store so men have something to keep them company while their women shop. Did Nathan Fielder come up with this? This needs to be a permanent fixture in FV and adapted in all major retail stores — the men will thank you for it.

Check out the rest of its campaign images below:

joystick LPnocta

wallet LPnocta2

watch LP nocta

The #DontBeSelfish campaign begins from today until Monday 15 February ’16.  Shop FashionValet here