Don’t Pollute My Footwear

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Ever wondered how much pollution came out of making shoes? London based shoe designer Terra Plana, which means Flat Land according to their website, knows this all too well.

Managing Director Galahad Clark comes from seven generations of shoemakers, sp we know he’s well versed in all the dark secrets of the shoe trade: “The shoe industry is a polluting industry – it uses glues to stick components together and oil-based plastics for the uppers and the soles.”

Yearning to be part of the solution and not the problem, Terra Plana shoes are constructed by artisans using natural materials like recycled rubber, natural latex and recycled Pakistani quilts to maximise energy efficiency and minimise toxins and glues. Add this to Galahad’s modern design aesthetic and you’ve got an eco-friendly shoe for the new millennium.

Recently awarded the Ethical Product of the Year by Britain’s Observer newspaper, Terra Plana shoes fall into 3 categories: 21st Century Artisan — their core range of footwear; Recycled — represented by sub-brand Worn Again, which utilises 99% recycled materials; and Barefoot — Dopie and Viva Barefoot, which uses ultra thin Kevlar soles to mimic nature.

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