Don’t Make Me Blush Talking About Rubber

I may sound like a iPhone 3G freak, or at least an owner of one since I’m always writing about what cool accessories you can bling it up with, but truth be told I’m not! Still that’s doesn’t mean I can’t bring up the latest rubber cover (yes another cool one) that you can get for free.

Well, maybe not entirely gratis! You do have to spend RM450 and above on Lush Icon – be it apparel, accessories, shoes or bags, before you can get yourself a BoomWave rubber protector. If you’re not keen on parting with that much cash, then for RM79, you can purchase this limited stock item. In 4 different colours and 2 different designs, shopoholics who frequent Lush Icon in any case are in for a treat!

The Lush Icon Boutique is situated at 1F & 1B, 1st Floor, Bangsar Village II. Call 03 2282 9619 for more info.