Don’t Be Stupid and Pay For Overpriced Coldplay Tickets

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Via StubHub

It’s safe to say that everyone’s read an article on the unbelievable quick sell-out of presale tickets for Coldplay’s upcoming show in Singapore, or knows someone that waited patiently online from 9am to purchase tickets at 10am, only to close the tab without even being able to click on ‘checkout’. Since then, a few dubious individuals have listed tickets on various platforms (Stubhub, Viagogo, Carousel) to bait desperate fans — and some have managed to persuade them into paying over RM3,000 for regular seated tickets!

JUICE completely understands the anxiety die-hard fans are forced to deal with prior to the sale of the general admission tickets, therefore we’ve come up with a list of tips for Coldplay fans to take to avoid being broke because it’s normal for sense to be a distant dream during troubling times.

  1. Do not purchase tickets that are more than a couple of hundred bucks above the retail price. It’s not worth it.
  2. If you are dealing with someone that is selling e-tickets, do not pay via bank transfer but instead insist on meeting them at the venue itself because chances are they’ve reprinted the same tickets to distribute it to numerous people, leaving you crying outside Singapore’s National Stadium with a fake ticket and Coldplay-less.
  3. If possible do not purchase any form of e-tickets because that shit is as questionable as the person who’s willing to pay RM20k for a pair of Coldplay tickets. Don’t do it. You are not that silly.
  4. Alternatively, if tickets for the show in Singapore sell out faster than the time it takes for you to name Coldplay’s first studio album title, consider checking out their other Asian tour dates like Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.
  5. The suggestion above isn’t ludicrous considering that there are some exceptionally special people who are willing to pay thousands of Ringgit for a single ticket. It might cost a little more than seeing them in Singapore but hey, at least you would’ve gotten to see Coldplay for a price that wouldn’t require you to sell any of your organs.
  6. Sometimes waiting until the last minute means meeting people that aren’t able to attend the shows, and chances are they’d sell their tickets for slightly cheaper, so don’t stress yourself out or ask a moneylender for a loan.

And that’s all the common sense we have to share with our readers today. Until the next crazy ticket purchase; stay sane and shop smart, folks.

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