Dongtaidu Music Festival 2

Malaysia’s Chinese music festival is back with more surprises and as usual, a host of various activities. Celebrating good independent music from Asia with colourful music, this upcoming Dongtaidu (DTD) event promises you to get closer to creativity. There will be 4 stages of exciting music for you to choose from. Leading the flea market of 40 stands is T-Front, the creative t-shirt design assembly. Merging fashion and music, a fashion show will be held too during the music performances. 17 May is going to be fun!

Here’s what DTD is about. Dongtaidu translates ‘movement and attitude’, ‘forward thinking’ or ‘action’ in Mandarin. DTD is a bi-monthly independent music event to celebrate and provide a platform for Malaysia’s homegrown music and creative arts scene. The first ever DTD was on 3 March 2008, but within just over a year has become the cornerstone for the local Chinese indie music, design and art community. DTD is also a cross-over indie label to ignite the ever creative and progressive sub-culture amongst the local youth. Their passion for music and art is highly commendable. Already established among the Chinese indie scene, JUICE sees an even bigger future for DTD.

This installment of DTD will see from KL, XerPenT, Flirting with Sleep, Alert the Village, Citizen of Ice-Cream, Flica, Mom on Strike, YanDi, Rainf, Killeur Calculateur and Silent Keat. There are also Aspidistrafly and La’dies from Singapore, Memo and Sulumi from China, Bit the Medusa from Indonesia and Forbidden Culture from Cameron Highlands!

Festival will be held on Sunday 17 May, with tickets priced at RM25 (for those with student ID card), RM45 at the door and pre-sale at RM30 until 10 May from 12pm to 8pm at Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Get your tix at Rock Corner @ Mid Valley, Rock Corner @ The Curve, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and Findars Art Space @ Annexe. Alternatively, you can also e-mail [email protected] for online booking.

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