Donald Glover to Release Last Childish Gambino Album

Image Matthew Eisman + Burak Cingi

Glover is like the college all-rounder we’ve envied. Described as “infuriatingly good at everything,” he started with scriptwriting (30 Rock, anybody?), starred in Community, then created the Golden Globe-winning show Atlanta. With all that being said, it comes to no surprise that his alter ego Childish Gambino took on well in the music industry – emitting different vibes with every record until his most recent funk-worship-flecked “Awaken, My Love!”.

However, a couple of years before that, after a few mixtapes and studio albums, the musician had expressed his decision to close the Childish Gambino chapter on the Today Show in 2015, saying that he “likes endings.” That clearly didn’t happen. Recently though, with Glover’s foray into fatherhood not too long ago, it’s hard to imagine how the man can also be busy juggling TV shows, music, and movies – he’s said to be voice Simba in the remake of Disney’s The Lion King.

So when he announced “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album,” before exiting the stage at Governor’s Ball Music Festival last weekend, we’re not as surprised as we should be.

Watch the full performance of ‘Redbone’ or skip to the end to listen to the announcement:

Not too long after that video entered the opinionated world of the Internet, fans on Twitter exchanged opinions regarding the matter; some taking the news seriously and some a little sceptical about the unofficial retirement, claiming that this isn’t the end of Glover’s musical career but merely an end to his stage name and character.

This could potentially be the end of Glover’s musical ride as Gambino (as mentioned), but it might also be the start of something even better as Donald Glover himself. With someone like him, there’s plenty to expect in terms of artistry, and there’s always a Childish Gambino discography on Spotify to lean on. In the meantime, look out for Glover in the new Star Wars film and the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. We told ya there’s a lot more to look forward to.

Stream the best of Childish Gambino on Spotify below: