Don Diablo On My Ipod?


Holland’s answer to the Beastie Boys may have came a bit late, but producer/musician/DJ/record label boss Don Diablo is the first Dutch, and possibly European, artist to have to launch his own iTunes Application. The application is available for free and allows fans all over the World to listen to Don Diablo’s music, check out his videos and pictures, and even follow him on Twitter.

Don Diablo, a self-confessed part-time streaker, is currently gearing up for the release of his first UK single ‘Hooligans’ together with fellow artist Example, which will be out on Data Records (Monday 29 June). And judging from the song’s Youtube video here, this is going to be a club anthem faster than you can go “Woo oo hoo hoo!”

Earlier this year, Don Diablo got a lot of exposure when his track ‘Too Cool For School’ got featured in popular TV series CSI: NY and he gained mad bonus points when he was the most blogged artist in the world, according to music blog aggregator The Hype Machine. Don Diablo is currently putting his finishing touches on the forthcoming international release of his album Life is a Festival.