Does It Offend You, Yeah?: Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You (Cooking Vinyl)

This is an album filled with surprises which overwhelm at every turn. Following the band’s debut success in 2008, their new album Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You serves a blend of distorted bass, synth-driven melodies, guitar riffs, electronic drums and a lil’ hip hop.

Fans would probably think that their new sound is a little mature, but this album has a lot to offer. Their first single ‘The Monkeys Are Coming’ is a fresh take on their music but still keeps to their original style. ‘Wrestler’ has the Prodigy feel in it which will make you throw your fists in the air. And album closer ‘Broken Arms’ presents the softer side of their music. Be it smooth or heavy, this album has it.

LISTEN TO: ‘Wrestler’, ‘Broken Arms’
IF YOU LIKE THIS YOU’LL DIG: Prodigy, Hadouken
RATING: 3 1/2

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