Documentary: Songs From The Mekong

Songs From The Mekong sounds like a pretty good name for an album, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the story of five artists from different musical styles, faiths and cultures travelling to the heart of Cambodia, committing themselves to compose and record a new song every single day for five consecutive days. It follows them on their journey, and we get to see them as they become inspired by their surroundings and finally, create a unique soundtrack that blends together the experiences of escape, travel and self-discovery.

Songs From The Mekong features musicians Nadhira (Malaysia), Jason Schadt a.k.a Vandal (Canada), Azmyl Yunor (Malaysia), Gary Blanton (USA) and Steve Northcott (Canada). Filmed and recorded in Kampot, Cambodia, the documentary is just about as candid as it gets. It combines the elements of travel and adventure, as well as the different musical genres that each artist represents on this trip. They hold an improvised musical jam at a local Cambodian orphanage, sit on a boat cruise through rural Cambodia (we hope there’s no seasickness involved), do some busking in local villages, and miss a couple of flights. It doesn’t get more candid than that! That’s how documentaries are supposed to be.

It definitely sounds better than some of the reality shows we watch nowadays! We give it the JUICE Stamp of Approval. Catch the international premiere of Songs From The Mekong on 5 May 2012, at Black Box in Publika.

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