DNCE the Night Away – Joe Jonas and Co. Are Coming to KL!

The people have spoken, and Universal Music has listened. After all, you DNCE fans out there surpassed the stream-to-unlock campaign to bring the upcoming pop band to Kuala Lumpur, so your wishes are about to be granted! On 8 August, you can bring your best ‘body moves’ to KL Live as DNCE perform live onstage right in front of you, in their first ever concert in Kuala Lumpur. With tunes that are catchy as hell – see: last year’s double-platinum summer smash hit ‘Cake by the Ocean’ – and exuberant showmanship, DNCE’s live show is guaranteed to be a power-packed spectacle that you won’t regret attending. Joe Jonas himself, when asked about what the show would be like, said, “It’s like going to some club in Europe at 4am and everybody’s all sweaty and looks like they’re in the Village People. We’re all from different worlds, but we’re all here together.”

If you’re burning up – oops, wrong band pun – to get down to DNCE’s groovy pop ditties, tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased here. Get them as soon as you can, because early-bird ticket sales come with a discount, plus a free copy of DNCE’s debut self-titled album! Don’t forget to check out the VIP package too, for priority lane access and exclusive, secret merchandise just for you.

Stay glued to Universal Music Malaysia’s page for updates on the event.