DnB Xtra pres. Bugsy, Soundwize and Nujita

This past Saturday, Loops Collective and DnB Xtra held an event at Poppy Garden, featuring Bugsy from New Zealand, Soundwize and Nujita. Bugsy has supported the who’s who of the dnb scene, from Chase and Status, Noisia, Ed Rush and Pendulum. Having had quite an exposure to dnb in Australia before, we went to check out what the Malaysian scene had to offer.

Unfortunately once we got into Poppy Garden on P Ramlee, the venue was dead, with no one on the dancefloor even though Soundwize was making a sweet set out of chilled dub with a splash of aggressive beats – to the tune of space tech. Going against the grain, we hit the dancefloor and were joined by a few other loyal supporters. It was really great to see Soundwize, whom we’ve never had the pleasure of hearing before, play such a solid set. His mixing was on point and no one could complain when he finished off with a Katy B track mixed into ‘Off The Wall’ by The Others.

The headliner Bugsy, the dnb force is from Coalesce who is currently based in Malaysia, then took over. Dropping some liquid dnb, it was evident that his mixing and DJing skills are honed in and seemless, needless to say this DJ has a lot of experience under his belt. He also played a killer early Noisia track which had the few of us on the dancefloor stomping hard! Ending his set with some more hardgoing dnb, even though the crowd was lacking both DJs gave it their all and it was a sick night despite the lack of people. Perhaps due to Poppy’s “shady” reputation (which is unfortunate, since it has one of the best soundsystems in the city), and also the fact that the Shout Awards was taking place the same night had driven some of the crowd away, though the music was great and the dnb crowd are a very friendly bunch. We’ll definitely be out supporting such future events.

DnB Xtra pres. Bugsy, Soundwize and Nujita took place at Poppy Garden on the 20th of November, 2010. For more dnb goodness, head to www.loopscollective.com.