dj mag’s top 100 djs 2006

Oh come now. You go clubbing four times a week and you’re telling me you can’t form an opinion on the DJs you pay 50 bucks a head to go see spin? They’re pretty good, right? The local ones can hold their own, no? You’d tell that to other people, yes? “Malaysian DJs rock shows like nobody’s business”, hmm? Good! DJ Magazine website,, is rolling out its list of Top 100 DJs for 2006, and just to prove that Clubland truly is a working democracy, who gets on the list is completely up to you. Votes will be received through its submission form (no cheating – they’ll check your e-mail address!) and will be closed on September 25th, so you have limited time to get those names in. The results will be announced on October 25th on the website.

Malaysian DJs have been working their a**es off for years raising the bar for the local party scene; it’s time to start giving back and help them get the recognition they deserve. Whether it’s ol skool jams a la DJ Nesh, breakbeats from DJ Blink, drum and bass from DJ Mac, or reggaeton from DJ Fuzz, you know our homegrown spin doctors have been holding it down for the MY, and getting the hype out worldwide. Show some love to the console, because the console has been loving you for years. Vote now!