DJ Love Dinero @ Bamboo9

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The good times were rollin high with mixtape master DJ Love Dinero at Bamboo9 recently. Straight out of Queens, New York, the BET regular already made himself at home on the decks when JUICE got there.

The venue looked packed from the outside, but lucky for us, there was still enough space to bust a move on the dancefloor. Bacardi helium balloons were hanging from the ceiling and it was easy for the shiny, happy party people to just reach up and pull one down as a souvenir.

DJ Love Dinero is considered a heavyweight in the industry with the ability to break new artists such as the Desert Storm’s late great Stack Bundles and G-Unit top guns Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. As such, we weren’t expecting a flashy record scratcher but we were in the mood for a boppin’ playlist that only Dinero could put together.

Through the night, big beats came our way accompanied by an awesome blend of hip hop and r ‘n’ b. Dinero must have done his homework, because he knew us locals had a penchant for hits of yesteryear as well. Going full speed retro, he got the house pumpin’ and going “Whoop! There It Is”. Dinero even threw some Whitney Houston into the mix and in no time, we felt like dancing with somebody. And of course, the crowd (especially those of the fairer sex) was more than pleased to hear radio hits like The Pussycat Dolls coming out from the speakers.

The only thing that tickled our minds that night was the sampled sound of a ship’s blowhorn that Dinero injected in between songs. Maybe it was some crazy New Yorker way of saying “Next song coming up!”

Still, it was a blowout hip hoppin night and with house and electro being all the rave these days, Dinero’s presence was a health welcome to our club scene. One up to the man from Queens, y’all! J

DJ Love Dinero brought the house down on Saturday 11 April 2009 at Bamboo9, TTDI Plaza. Watch the temperature rise in our gallery.

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