DJ Droolotte Tasha

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It’s been a while since we last spoke to Droolotte Tasha, winner of the 1st international DJ Awards Bedroom DJ competition who flew to Ibiza for a once-in-a-lifetime trip as part of her prize. Now she’s back with plenty of plans laid out.

This hot babe has returned and is set to rock Malaysia, a place she calls home, with her driving sounds. She expresses her love for this country in her latest track entitled ‘I Miss You (Tanah Air)’ which she dedicates to the folks who have showed her much love and support and kept her going.

In addition to that, Droolotte Tasha aka Natasha Chan is also hosting her own TV program called Trimix On TV  in a bid to promote a healthy alcohol- and drug-free clubbing lifestyle. Grabbing the attentions of viewers’ worldwide, Trimix On TV throws the spotlight on local clubs and chill out spots . It’s aim is to introduce Malaysia to people in other parts of the globe. Kudos!

Tasha is currently signed to Omerta Records and is planning to go on a US tour soon. In the meantime, she’s been playing gigs and recently spun at Euphoria in Sunway and Soi 11 in Penang. Here’s ‘I Miss You (Tanah Air) – Droolotte Tasha feat. TRIMIX’:



Read our blog about her victory in the international DJ Awards Bedroom DJ competition here. Find out more about Tasha and her updates at

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